KVW Winners

YAP (Young Adult Program) Student Race Walkers

Annually, KVW members train young adults (ages 17 - 26) fwith intellectual disabilities from Kalamazoo RESA school district how to race walk so they can participate in a race against other school districts.  Below is a picture of the YAP school bulletin board:


USATF Officials


Race Walking Judges The following KVW members are certified USATF (USA Track & Field) race walk judges or officials :

Thelma Fallows - Race Walk Judge & Youth Coach

Carolyn Selby - Youth Coach


KVW Club Records

USA Track & Field Outstanding Race Walk Award 1st place USATF age-group finishes in eight USATF judged race walks: 2001 Mens 45-49 Age Group Bill Reed, Scotts, MI 2002 Mens 45-49 Age Group Bill Reed, Scotts, MI 2004 Mens 50-54 Age Group Bill Reed, Scotts, MI

National Masters Track & Field Championships Decatur IL August 6-10, 2004 Men 50-54 5K Racewalk 2nd Place 26:40 Bill Reed, Scotts MI Men 50-54 10K Racewalk 1st Place 55:55 Bill Reed, Scotts MI

National Open 10K Wilkes Barre PA, August 21, 2004 Men 50-54 10K Racewalk 1st place 57:20 Bill Reed, Scotts MI

USATF 5K State Championship Borgess Run For the Health of IT Saturday, April 24, 2004 Men 40-44 1st 30:10 Dave Dunn, Kalamazoo MI Men 50-54 1st 27:33 Bill Reed, Scotts MI Men 50-54 2nd 30:19 Rick Sack, Parchment MI Women 50-54 2nd 34:12 Sue Haroldson, Portage MI Women 55-50 2nd 39:48 Sue Czuk, Portage MI Women 60-64 2nd 38:04 Jan Crosby, Kalamazoo MI

USATF Michigan & North Region - 10K Championships Dearborn MI - October 17, 2004 Men 55-59 1st 1:00:58 Rick Sack, Parchment MI (Both State & North Region)

Michigan Senior Olympics (MSO) - Age 50+ 2004 Summer Olympics - Race Walk 1st Place Results August 2004, Lansing MI 1500M Gender: Female 60 - 64 1st 11:57.90 Jean LaValley, Benton Harbor MI 70 - 74 1st 12:05.90 Carolyn Selby, Portage MI 75 - 79 1st 12:55.80 Thelma Fallows, Portage MI 85 - 89 1st 20:53.70 Dorothy Ray, Porgage MI 1500M Gender: Male 55 - 59 1st 08:10.10 Rick Sack, Parchment MI 3rd 12:33.40 Gary Krueger, Paw Paw MI 70 -74 1st 09:19.40 Robert Ferguson (RJ), St Joseph MI 5K Gender: Female 60 - 64 1st 42:34 Jean LaValley, Benton Harbor MI 70 - 74 1st 43:36 Carolyn Selby, Portage MI 75 - 79 1st 45:10 Thelma Fallows, Portage MI 85 - 89 1st 67:00 Dorothy Ray, Portage MI 5K Gender: Male 55 - 59 1st 29:16 Rick Sack, Parchment MI 2nd 53:02 Eugene Kester, Gobles MI 70 - 74 1st 33:53 Robert Ferguson (RJ), St Joseph MI

Michigan Senior Olympic STATE RECORDS - Set by KVW Members

1500M Gender: Female Age 80-84 0:15:04.00 Dorothy Ray, Portage MI - 2002 1500M Gender: Male Age 50-54 0:08:00.00 Rick Sack, Parchment MI - 2000 Age 70-74 0:08:26.50 Hugh Acton, Augusta MI - 1996 Age 75-79 0:09:21.00 Hugh Action, Augusta MI - 2000 5000M Gender: Female Age 65-69 0:35:44.00 Carolyn Selby, Portage MI - 1996 Age 85-89 1:09:00.00 Dorothy Ray, Portage MI - 2004 5000M Gender: Male Age 50-54 0:30:07.85 Rick Sack, Parchment MI - 2003 Age 55-59 0:29:16.00 Rick Sack, Parchment MI - 2004

 Bill Reed, KVW Member, Awarded USATF 2002 Outstanding Race Walker Award

January 2003 -- Bill Reed, KVW coach and member, was named USA Track & Field, 2002 Outstanding Racewalker for the Men’s 45-49 Age Group for a second time. The national Outstanding Race  Walker title was earned with first place age-group finishes in eight USAT&F judged race walks in 2002. These included State Championships for 3K at GVSU at Allendale MI, 5K at the Borgess/USATF Racewalk at Kalamazoo MI and the 8K Lynnette Atkins Memorial USATF State & Regional Race walk at Kalamazoo MI. Another regional age-group first was won at 5K in Chicago, along with National Championship titles for 5K and 10K in Orono, Maine and 5K in Kingsport, Tennessee. Ten other events filled out Reed’s ’02 race calendar, most of them area 5k to 10K unjudged local walks along with a 20K Ontario Race walk and two 1-hour national postal judged race walks. Now at age 50, Bill’s 5K time is down to 25:50, which is within a minute of his Personal Record (PR) at several longer distances in 2002. Reed is looking forward to more improvement in 2003. “I feel that with steady, hard training I can still set some new PR’s, particularly at 10 to 20 K distances. There are also National Master’s Time Standards for Race walkers at all distances which, finally at age 50, I have begun to reach after flirting with them for the last seven years”.